Cum & Gun The Best Beginner Tips

All You Need to Know as a Cum & Gun Beginner – The Best Beginner Tips

If you want to play an adult third-person shooter arena game, Cum & Gun is here to play with cute waifus as well as with some fights to take over. You are going to join for tea with some other players, and from there on, you all are going to fight against some other players. The ultimate goal is to win more matches, and through that, you will be able to earn more rewards. But to get everything started, you must have a beginner guide with your hands with some best gameplay tips.

All You Need to Know as a Cum & Gun Beginner

We will provide you with some important gameplay guidance and tips from this guide so that everything will be very easy from the start. There is no need to struggle to move through the game because we are here to guide you.

Understanding the Gacha Banner

Just like most of the gacha games out there, Cum & Gun is also holding a gacha system on it, and this is where you are going to earn a girl of your own. But using the gacha system requires you to spend some currencies like Gems, Gold Coins, as well as Rainbow Gems, and different types of gacha banners are different types of currencies.

Understanding the Gacha Banner

There will be several active gachas that you can see in the gacha banner, and don’t expect it to drop only the girls because there will be sex, skin as well as other types of things to earn from these gacha banners. Each of these offers comes along with different types of rates as follows.

  • Sex item is for a 4.000% rate
  • Sex for 0.500% rate
  • Training for a 4.700% rate
  • Gift for 18.600% rate
  • Unique potentials for a 29.200% rate
  • Training material for 23.000% rate
  • Common potential for a 20.000% rate
  • Misako – ChairCoach for 0.027% rate
  • Kana – ChairCoach for 0.027% rate
  • Alice – ChairCoach for 0.027% rate

Make Sure to Upgrade

You can upgrade both your Potentials as well as the Equipment in this game, and it will be solely based on the skills as well as the items that you currently have. Clicking on those options for the Potentials as well as the Equipment, you get the chance to raise your power and performance in the Cum & Gun gameplay.

Make Sure to Upgrade

Upgrades can also be taken from some packs purchased as well as from the rewards you earn. Whatever option you choose, just make sure that you are upgrading yourself in the Cum & Gun game because that is how you can unlock yourself to more potential in the game. There will be a separate upgrade menu that you can use to improve the girls’ stats, and these may require you to use some items.

What is Shiny Member Feature in the Cum & Gun?

There is a special feature named Shiny Member in the Cum & Gun game, and you can buy different things so that this Shiny Member level can be raised. It happens by having the Shiny Squirt Guns in your hands. With each level rising in the Shiny Member, there will be a lot of interesting things to be earned from the game.

What is Shiny Member Feature in the Cum & Gun

Since there are ten levels in total for the Shiny Member, you get the best rewards at the end of these levels, and this feature also has its own menu. It gives you a chance to check the current level that you hold, and based on the level of your shiny member, you can buy different gem packs from the game.

Cum & Gun Game Modes

You can get yourself with three game modes in this game: Defense Raid, Squirt Gun Competition, and the BoobsUndressed Playground. But what is most important is the competitive mode in this game, which is called the Gang Bang game mode. Here you will be able to earn more points by having more ranks earned through the game.

Cum & Gun Game Modes

There will be four-on-four automatic battles going within the Gang Bang mode, and you have to battle with all the enemies here. That is how you win through the battles and earn rewards. There will be different types of girls and roles that you may have to use in this mode, and from damage and support to the tanks; you need to use them strategically throughout your game. You can earn Gang Bang coins by playing through this Gang Bang mode, and those can be used to buy several items from the Gang Bang shop.

Dormitory in the Cum & Gun

Cum & Gun is an adult game, so there will be a lot of interactions that you can make with the girls there. So, if you want to have an interaction with a selected girl in this game, the Dormitory is what you need to look into.

After visiting the Dormitory, you will see the story of it, and here you can please your girl by gifting her. To pay more attention to the adult scenes, you can act to spice things up as well. Offering gifts will tighten the relationship between you and your girls, eventually unlocking more hot scenes. And you will be able to use the intimacy option too.

Dormitory in the Cum & Gun

On the other hand, the Dormitory also comes with Unique Training, and you can privately have one-on-one sessions with your girls here. And doing so will gradually increase your Proficiency levels as well as give you more intimacy. You even can get close to your girls in these sessions by dragging your camera angles.

You also can have the Squirt Guns from the gacha, purchased packs, as well as from the rewards and then use it in the Dormitory. Once you reach intimacy level 12, you will be able to have complete intimacy with your girls, and whatever position you like, you can use in the training feature. Once you have managed to reach level 15 of intimacy, you can marry the girl you want.


And this is what you can have as a Cum & Gun beginner, and please be aware of what you have to encounter through the game. By referring to all these tips and guides, we hope that you will be able to do the best in your game, and we wish you the best for your adventure with girls.

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