Fap CEO Beginner Guide

Fap CEO Beginner Guide – All You Need to Know with Best Tips

Fap CEO is an online clicker game, and this is for adults who love porn games. It is about unleashing your deepest desires in the form of a game, and that can be done here with clickers. A great dating sim gameplay is available here, and many girls are waiting to interact with it. So many girls are now working under you, but if you want to enjoy every bit of the game, then you have to be ready with a clear guide and tips.

Fap CEO Beginner Guide

So today, this will be your beginner guide, and we are going to provide you with some recommendations to play this game with your deepest desires. There is no need to struggle when you have no idea how to play this game because we are going to guide you from now on.

Make Sure that You Increase Your Stats

Increasing points is highly recommended for every new player in the Fap CEO game because it can increase both idle or clicker skills along with skill points. The best way to do this is to increase the stats, and you can use the Skill Tree for this.

Make Sure that You Increase Your Stats

The skill tree will allow you to invest more in skill points as well as the idle skills and clicker skills, as we already mentioned, and through that, you are going to increase your revenue to the best. Try to sell to more companies because you will earn one skill point with each of these sales. But try to use these points with great use, and just be wise about how you will invest them.

What are Company Shares In Fap CEO?

Most of the players who have just started playing this game don’t know what these company levels are. So, let us break down the facts here for you. Company shares are what you earn by selling your company, and these shares are a must to buy decorations. Later, these decorations can be transformed into some Prestige points as well, so the more you earn shares, the more you have a chance to progress better through your gameplay.

What are Company Shares In Fap CEO

If you want to have more shares in the game, you should look into the Neon Sign decoration, and if you have a higher level for your company with more CEO items, it can also contribute well towards the number of shares you get.

Please note that this game does not limit you to a company level because we are not set up with a level cap. But still, a girl can only make herself to the 500 level with her first seat, and all the girls also have a cumulative level. It will be 5750 when the level is maxed out.

Earn More Rubies

The Fap CEO game also comes with currencies, and its primary currency will be the Rubies. You can complete more achievements to collect these rubies, and if it isn’t your way, try to complete more daily quests as well as get more daily rewards.

You can also follow up with tournaments and use keys to open more chests, which is one method to earn more rubies. Rubies are going to be very important for your Fap CEO gameplay progress as it is required to buy many things, so keep focusing on earning them more so you can advance more.

Earn More Rubies

Private Shows in Fap CEO

Since this is an adult game, there are some private shows that you can enjoy here, and those are more likely the events. They will be frequently available in the game, and based on your skill levels and the decorations, these are going to be varied.

Whenever you see a pink, red, or golden circle above from your hired girls, it means there is a private show, and here, you can click on this specific girl to make her perform that show. This is how you can contribute well towards your income, and it is actually raising it more and more.

If you want to remove your girls’ clothes during these private shows, you need to pass the 3rd email chain to each of your girls. This will make them naked while they perform their own private shows. At this time, you can see if the SFW is turned on, and once it is turned on, turn it off. That is how you will be able to continue the private shows with those naked girls.

Hire Orders for Your Girls

The hire order means how your ladies are sitting in the workstation. Here, the first-ever girl that you have decided to hire will have the first seat, and like that, the girls are going to sit according to the order they have been hired. Each desk will be marked with numbers, and some desks will still provide more income. We recommend you pay more attention to the 10, 9, 3 and 1 desks because those are the best.

Hire Orders for Your Girls


This is all that we have to bring on from this Fap CEO beginner and this guide, and using these all, we recommend you do your best for the gameplay. It is time to make the best out of your gameplay and use this guide to do it to the best.

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