Lusty Odyssey Beginner Guide

Lusty Odyssey Beginner Guide – Everything You Need to Know with Tips

Lusty Odyssey, the game about an adventure of Jacques, Zoe, and Achilles, will take you through the Skyland with more allies and enemies and with some sexual desires. So if you are up for a sexual adventure full of excitement, we now have this adult game. But the thing is, you are not here to learn everything easily because you need a guide along with tips. So, if you are up for an adventure, here are your best tips and guidance to go through the game.

Lusty Odyssey Beginner Guide

With this Lusty Odyssey beginner guide and tips, we will allow you to know how you can proceed through the game, some gameplay guidance, and progressing tips so that you can start everything with confidence and better preparation. Let’s learn the game and make it through it as a master from now on.

Summoning the Heroes

Let’s start our Lusty Odyssey guide by getting an idea of the summoning system. For a summoning, there are multiple options that you can go with, and you can access them all by going into the summoning menu. If you want to know what you can summon, you can click its specific menu, and you will see the banner.

Summoning the Heroes

There will be banners to have a guaranteed legendary as well as an epic hero, and there will also be a banner that works for one-time rewards. You can also get along with the event-exclusive summons here, and there will be promotions as well as summon rewards to be taken. Summoning is not just for earning heroes because, through this, you will be able to take equipment, badges, and multiple rewards too.

Coins and Diamonds

Coins and diamonds are the main currencies in this game, and they have different uses for the game. The way that you can buy them will also be different from one another, so let’s understand each of their purposes and the obtaining methods as follows.

  • Coins – these are the currencies you can use to upgrade both your skills and the equipment. Coins need to be bought, so you will have to use the diamonds. Or else, you can have more coins by going into the adventure.
  • Diamonds – on the other hand, we have diamonds as another main currency, and this is what you will need to summon your heroes. Diamonds can also be used to purchase other resources, and you will be able to have more coins and stamina through them. Just like the method by which you earn coins, diamonds must also be purchased with Nutaku coins. With more achievements and adventures, you can earn more diamonds.
Coins and Diamonds

Upgrading Levels

If you want to increase the power in your hands to continue with your Lusty Odyssey gameplay, then make sure you are leveling up. You can use many ways to level up in this game, and among them, you can go on Expeditions from your adventures to level up more in this game.

Multiple conditions are applied here for you to level up from the Expeditions. First, you have to complete the missions, and you need to make it happen with all your heroes surviving. And if you complete the stages within the given time period, you are going to level up.

Upgrading Levels

We can use the Boost VIP Level Packs also as a method to level up. This needs to be bought from the Novice Package, and you will easily find out from the Top-up menu. Although you have to buy this, it is going to offer you more benefits. It means more level-ups.

Stamina in the Lusty Odyssey

Stamina is a must-use one that you should use in the missions, and you can regenerate it every 5 minutes. If you want more stamina, then you better progress through the levels. Since this is something you must use through your missions, if you don’t have enough of them, make sure you regenerate them again.

Stamina in the Lusty Odyssey

To regenerate stamina, you have to use the Diamonds, and you can proceed through more VIP levels here. When you are in a higher level of VIP, you get more chances to purchase stamina.

What is the VIP System in Lusty Odyssey?

Since there are many things that you can buy with the use of Nutaku coins, you may not know how much you have really purchased at some point. In these types of situations, you can use the VIP system. It will show you how many things you have already purchased at this point.

In the VIP System, you can see a total of 15 levels, and each and every level has been designed with more benefits. This means every level is going to allow you to have more VIP growth earned from this game.

What is the VIP System in Lusty Odyssey

You can see your current VIP level with its offers by clicking the Privilege option from your portrait, and it is also going to show you how much you have to proceed more for your next level.


And this is all that we can gather for our Lusty Odyssey beginner guide, and if you want to improve here, follow through with all the tips we have mentioned. Do your best and improve; here is how you proceed to the better of the game.

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