Project QT – A Complete Beginner Guide

Project QT – A Complete Beginner Guide with a Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Welcome to play a puzzle RPG yet added with an adult theme. Are you ready to play and adventure with some hottest cuties by your side? If so, this RPG will take you into another world and battle. Recipes and cuties with more gaming level-ups and upgrades are here to enjoy. But do you know how to get started in this Project QT game? If you don’t know, it is better to have a guide as a beginner.

Project QT Complete Beginner Guide with a Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Today’s guide is dedicated to all the Project QT beginners because we will let you know how the game goes on and some important gameplay tips. Let’s explore this world and learn how to play it; no more talking is needed here. Let’s get straight into the facts now.

Getting Started in Project QT Gameplay

Before you scroll through the game as a first-time player, you must know how you can play it by understanding the basic mechanisms of this game. So let’s give you an understanding of the Project QT gameplay to get things started.

This game will start with an introduction, and then you will be taken into the tutorial. The tutorial part is where you will learn about the game, and you can read everything that shows in this tutorial phase to know what the game is actually about. So eventually, you will get to know about the game to start its gameplay.

Although this game is originally identified as a puzzle game, it just comes with numerous key game elements like upgrades, level-ups, evolutions, and more. In addition, the game comes with a seducing part because you are going to meet different monster girls, and they are generally there for seduction purposes.

Getting Started in Project QT Gameplay

You also have a story to follow up here, and as a beginner, you must finish all the chapters you are being served with. If you completed them all by earning three stars in your hand, that would be your opportunity to replay all the missions. Although you need some Sweep Tickets for those, you will have the opportunity to earn more memory fragments, materials that can be used to enhance, items for seduction, gems, and many more. This doesn’t mean having three stars for each chapter is mandatory. But if you do so, you get more benefits from the game.

Project QT Characters

Project QT characters are known as the monster girls. They have different purposes for this game, but the main one is seduction. Apart from this seduction part, there are also special skills featured with each girl, and these are the ones that you are going to use in your battles. You must have to go for several turns to activate these special skills, and you also need to know that those skills cannot be used all the time. They have a cool-down time, and once it is done, you are free to use those skills by activating them.

More details about these special character skills can be learned if you tap on the character portrait. You also need to be aware that the monsters girls are here put into a team, and this can be created by summoning characters. The team can be set up with a leader for it, and if you doubt that your first choice for the leader could be better, then you can go for another girl.

Project QT Characters

To do this, visit the Character menu; there, you can see another sub-menu for the summoned character. It will show you the girls you currently own, and you can click one of them to make her a new leader.

Our characters have three major things you need to take care of, as follows.

  • Bond – bond means the bonds that you make with your summoned girls. You can try to increase it as well.
  • Upgrade – you can upgrade your girls here. It means that they are going to be raised in their stats.
  • Evolve – this is making your girls have different animations, and you will have to spend the Memory Fragments for this.
  • Promotion – promotion will increase with the stats increasing, and If you want to promote your girls, you will have to reach the desired conditions.

Project QT Battling Guide

Battles in this game work under an elemental system, and your characters are featured with four elements: Water, Wind, Fire, and Lightning. Now these elements can work well with some and will be against others as follows.

  • The wind is doing great against the element of lightning
  • Fire is doing great against the element of wind
  • Water is doing great against the element of fire
  • Lightning is doing great against the element of water

When you start the battles, you see that your team will be set on the fire element. So you can first look into the attributes of enemies and see how your element can be used against them to your advantage. Then you can adjust the team accordingly.

Awaken Your Girls

If you want your girls in year 3 to have the best passive abilities to face the PVP, then you need to awaken them. Doing so can generally increase the stats they hold. But an awakening needs to be done under several conditions, as follows.

  • The character should be a 5-star.
  • The girl must come along with a released awakening, and please note that not all girls are applicable to this awakening. Only the year three girls are suitable for this.
  • You must have 80 Awakening Stones that are used by the girl, along with 500,000 coins for an awakening.

We have Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning type Awakening Stones in the game; there are even individualized awakening stones to be taken too. You can visit the shop, go through weekly deals, the secret store, the arena, events, the fragment exchange shop, and many more places to take these elemental stones, while the other type can be taken from the Treasure Hunt event.


So this is all for our Project QT guide, and if you are a beginner, now continue to play the game with these best tips. In the end, everything will make it a perfect start and will surely provide you with advanced gameplay progress.

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