TenkafuMA Beginner Guide

TenkafuMA Beginner Guide – All You Need to Know

Do you want to play a game that has no rules over it? And most importantly, do you want to take part in a game that doesn’t require you to build things, fight and rescue a world, and so on? If so, it is time to play TenkafuMA, where you, as Caesar, are going to take dominance over the demon, heaven, and the human world in an adult game setting. So get ready to play this game today with a perfect starter guide on your hands.

TenkafuMA Beginner Guide

Here, we will bring you a guide to start the game, and we will cover the most important aspects of this game that you are going to be involved with so far. At the end of the guide, you will get to know what steps you need to take as a beginner. Let’s get into the guide now.

Rerolling for the Waifus

The first thing that you need to do before any action of the TenkafuMA game is rerolling. This allows you to have more powers in your hands, and that will be the option to earn heroes too. There are only a few steps for doing a reroll here:

  • Start the game by login as a guest.
  • Complete the given tutorial for the game.
  • Complete the story until it’s 1-1, and then go to the castle again. There you can collect several rewards. You can have them from the Achievement as well as from the Mailbox.
  • There will be 350 Demonite t to claim from the Prologue map, and you can now collect them.
  • Now you must have over 13000 Demonite with your hand, and you should be able to spend them to do 30 summons.
  • You also can take 5 Summon Contracts by spending 300 Demonite on each from the Mystery Shop. So you can have a better reroll from the game through it.
  • Try redeeming codes as well, if there are any, as it can provide you with additional summons.
Rerolling for the Waifus

When you are rerolling through the TenkafuMA tier list, you can aim for the Lulu and for the Daphne, as they are stronger than the others. If you didn’t manage to earn a hero as per your wish on your first try, try resetting the game and then use another guest login to redo the reroll steps.

Important Things to Do as a Newbie

If you need to know what you need to do as a TenkafuMA beginner, let us give you some tasks that you must be involved in this guide now.

  • Continue through your story, and you must complete at least chapter 4.
  • Clear all the missions so that you can earn Demonite as well as the Soul from the map. This provides you with more EXP too.
  • Boost all your units, and you will need EXP Potions for this.
  • If you have more Demonite with your hands, don’t just spend them blindly. Instead, save them so you can later use them to have the best starter hero on your hand.
Important Things to Do as a Newbie

Demonite in TenkafuMA

You may wonder what these are since we have talked a lot about the Demonite in this game. Demonite is something that you require to have summons in this game, and it can also refill your energy. You can make the best use of it by waiting for more because that is how you can pull over a more powerful hero.

Demonite can be used to farm through the veins, and simply, it is a must to save them if you really want to take the best progression through the game with some best heroes earned.

Completing the Chapters

If you want to improve through the TenkafuMA gameplay, ensure you are completing the chapters in this game. Whenever you have completed a chapter, it offers you some packages, and they have the best deals for a player that will help them to improve through the game.

But please note that the chapter-completing packages are only sometimes budget-friendly because some of them are extremely high in value. So you better start with the cheap ones, and they all can contribute well towards your gameplay for sure.

Memory Essence and the Orbs

These are two unique things available in the TenkafuMA gameplay, and the purpose of these two to your game are varied from one another. So let’s have an overview of them from this guide from now on.

Memory Essence and the Orbs

Memory Essence

These are unique from one character to another and are considered the most valuable materials you can use for your evolution. Since your heroes are varied from 5 stars to 3 stars, the requirement for them all also becomes varied.

  • 5-star heroes will need 125 memory essence to evolve
  • 4-star heroes will need 55 memory essence to revolve
  • 3-star heroes will need 40 memory essence to evolve

Memory Orbs

Memory orbs are not like the memory essence because it is a currency. You can have this by summoning over 5 duplicates from the same unit, and once you have them in your hands, you will be able to exchange them for some memory essence. It can be done as per the unit you choose. There is one memory orb that is going to be cost for each of the 20 memory essences you do first, and for the rest of the 70, it will require two memory orbs. And when it comes to the last 125, you will have to cost three memory orbs on each of those copies.

Ideal Team for the Gameplay

Since there are different contents that you have to involve in this game, the ideal team for each can be varied. But in general, the ideal team needs to be created with two healers or with two supporters. There should also be two attackers in there with a single protector to make it an effective team.

Ideal Team for the Gameplay

Using a protector on the team is not mandatory because it can be replaced with another attacker. A team with one protector and two healers and attackers will also be working on you to the best of your ability.

Redeeming TenkafuMA Codes

If you need free privileges from the game, use the TenkafuMA redeem codes. The developers of this game are usually updating them, and if you can get in touch with the game’s social media channels, you will be able to get the most recent codes to your hand.

Redeeming TenkafuMA Codes

Redeeming these codes is easy and only takes a few steps.

  • Start the game
  • Go to the menu
  • Then visit the settings
  • There will be an option called other, and here, you can redeem your code


So, are you a new player of the TenkafuMA game? Then this is your starter guide, and referring to these all will surely take your gameplay to a better level. So, good luck on your journey.

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