TenkafuMA Tier List with All Ranks

TenkafuMA Tier List with All Ranks – May 2023

TenkafuMA is not a game for everyone because it is an adult game. But the thing is, this game comes with some turn-based battles and everything that you are looking for in a gacha game. It is not about saving the world because it just only asks us to follow Caesar and break all the rules that this world has. But there are still some turn-based battles you need to go with to conquer everything, and you will need a better TenkafuMA tier list.

TenkafuMA Tier List with All Ranks

So, today in this guide, we will showcase all the girls featured in a TenkafuMA tier list so that you won’t struggle to find the best working ones. You are here to conquer everything, so everything that takes into your hand is truly worthy. So to understand which girls make you the best potential, take an idea of the TenkafuMA characters as follows.

Strength Levels of TenkafuMA Tier List

Although there are different types of characters that can be seen in this game, they all are not going to be the same because they are being different in their strength levels. To have a clear idea of this, you can look into four ranks on them as follows.

Strength Levels of TenkafuMA Tier List
  • N – the least powerful
  • R – the average skilled girls
  • SR – the best characters
  • SSR – the most powerful girls

All the Characters Ranked in TenkafuMA

As you can see, all the characters are different from one strength level to another, so you need to be aware of all these girls one by one as per their ranks as below.

RankCharacter Name
SSRRisen Princess Chizuru
SSRSupersonic Phantom Inori  
SSRQueen Daphne Bloom
SSRSnake Queen Mesmiia
SSRPhasi Princess Lulu
SSROni of Bliss Ibuki Shuten
SSRMagic Automaton KS VIII
SSRFallen Dragon Karina
SSRElf Queen Salucia
SSRDreameater Aridya
SSRArchdemon Satan
SSRArchdemon Ba’al
SSRArchangel Saint Milae
SSRAchdemon Iblis
SSRDwarf Queen Lana
SRStinger Janelle
SRSlime Queen Nafrala
SRNinja Ritsuki
SRMagical Knight Tyrella
SRHoly Knight Captain Leona
SRHigh Priestess Fiora
SRGeneral Juneau
SRFox Spirit Shizuka
SRDemon Servant Aiko
SRBlademaster Minayomi
SRGenius Tactician Britney
RDark Elf Shiraka
RSuccubus Sable
RMermaid Marlene
RHead  Nurse Irene
RDragoon Iris
RDog Girl Dora
RBakeneko Nana
NSorceress Manuella
NSnake Girl Lamia
NSlime Girl Lori
NPrototype #3
NAngel of Bliss
NPhasi Wizard Petra
NExcelesis Deo Monk Claire
NPhasi Guard Anna
NMercenary Charlene
NIsori Warrior Kikyou
NPhasi Wizard Natasha
NIsori Shaman Kaede
NCow Girl Minnow
NElven Archer Ola
NPhasi Soldier Blaire
NDwarven Soldier Kani
NPhasi Soldier Saria
NDemon Soldier Flay
NBird Girl Harpy
NAngel of Punishment


And it is all for the TenkafuMA characters tier list, and if you want the best, make sure you have stopped with an SSR character. And we wish you the best of luck to take the best out of your game to conquer everything from now on.

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